Explore the wonderfully unique fun and mystery of Magic Masks!

Artistic decorative masks that are all original, and all one-of-a-kind. Hand-crafted by their creator, Beverly Hackenberg, who invented the process from start to finish with materials such as clay, paper-mache, silk flowers, silk leaves, and other interesting additions that both delight and mystify their audience with a unique presence.

From the magical world of faeries (fairies), elves, gnomes to the mystical world of gargoyles, dragons, and witches to the world of fun with animals, holidays, and real people faces.

You can even have your own idea custom created by Beverly for your own home or as a gift for your family or a friend! Venture into the menu above to find interesting facts and information about Magic Masks, and take a look at the latest masks available in the Magic Masks On-Line Store for your shopping pleasure!

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